Friday, January 30, 2009

Watch me grow---belly pics!

Watch Me Grow

Here's my 1st belly pic, taken last night (1-29-09). I definitly still have some "leftovers" from my four previous pregnancies, but the flab has definitly turned into a baby bump. I love it!
I started feeling definite baby flutters and small kicks this last week. Every night while laying in bed talking to Billy, baby starts fluttering and jumping around like crazy. I enjoy feeling him move and grow and feel at awe when he kicks. As you may have noticed, I'm calling it a "He." We still don't know the gender and plan to not find out, but my gut is saying --boy. Billy still says --girl, of coarse. LoL!

2o weeks pregnant!

24 weeks pregnant

Today at 27 weeks pregnant! Baby is moving and loves doing summersaults after dinner. The boys, especially Gideon (my 4yo) loves to lay with me and place his ear or hand to my belly to feel the baby kick. Rylan thinks it's weird and said it would seem annoying to him to have something constantly kicking his insides all day. lol. Nolan comes up and talks to the belly all the time and Layla loves rubbing the baby and constantly asks when the baby is gonna come out. My girth is getting grander by the day and that is good and bad. Good because baby is growing healthy and strong. Bad because I'm getting less sleep and having to roll off the sofa and bed to get up. ((smile)) I think about this baby's birth daily. Thinking through how I want my body to birth and NOT me push the baby out. The kids and I (well, mostly Gideon, Layla, and I) watch animal births on youtube. It is so inspiring to me. It's nature, no doctors pulling and prodding. Just nature doing exactly what God created it to do all by itself! This life growing inside of me is so wonderful! I love feeling it get bigger and stronger everyday. I sing and talk to (him?) every night before bed. I can't wait to meet this gift God has given us once more. My scripture this week to help me while in labor has been, Isaiah 66:9 "Do I bring ye to the moment of birth and not deliver? Says the Lord" This scripture means so much to me. My God has created my body to take a sperm and an egg and together, without help, form a living embryo. He then takes that tiny embryo and gives it a way to thrive, develope, and grow into a perfect little human being that is inside me right now. If my God can create this body to do that, then he would have created a way for that tiny person to get out, to be born, with out aid, help, or intervention from men in white coats. He did and that is what I trust.

My 32 week preggo belly- I swear I feel like baby is so low; however, looking at this pic my belly still seems high? I don't know. I measured my fundus hight yesterday and it is measuring 36 cm, so right on track for me. I've always measured a bit bigger, especially towards the end since I have large babies (10 lbders). By the way, This is the same shirt I wore in my 20week pic. It's definitly getting snugger. It doesn't cover my whole belly now.

Here is my 35 week picture. Looking at this pic and comparing belly with my past pic, I've realized just how much baby has dropped. He is definitly engaged in my pelvis. I felt that he was just from all the pressure and pains on my cervix, but seeing the drop in pics is confirming. I'm so excited about baby coming soon.

More pics to come....


Angela said...

You look wonderful Yvonne! How exciting to be able to feel that life within you!

Amber said...

I agree, you look wonderful!!

Keep up the posts, I love them.