Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Newborn Stash

I'm soooo exited! Billy gave me the go ahead to buy cloth diapers for this baby. So, last night I ordered 24 unbleached Indian pre-folds and 4 snappies. I just need to get together with my sewing buddies and sew some covers and my newborn stash will be complete!

I'm also planning on ordering my fetalscope today!

Layla has been sleeping in her own bed ever since we've made her new room. She stays in there during the day for hours playing alone with her dolls and books. At night she acually runs in there excited to sleep in her big girl bed. I've made it an exciting big girl night-time routine for her. She takes a bath with her babies, PJ's, picks out 3 books and we read, sing a few songs, then I sit in the rocking chair and rock (alone) while she's in her bed drifting off to sleep. She hasn't nursed at night in 4 days! It makes me a bit sad, but only because of the realization that she is growing into the next stage. I am excited to be able to be able to build a different relationship between her and I over these next few months before and after the baby's arrival. She has asked a few times during the day to nurse, but mostly when I'm talking about it on the phone with Angela. She has incredible listening ears!

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