Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthing Pool

I've gained a total of 16 lbs so far, but haven't gained any more weight since I was 10 weeks. I know it's coming though. *smile* Morning sickness has subsided and I've been feeling pretty good all around. Still taking my Omega 3-6-9 and prenatals. Trying to add an evening walk to my daily routine. *crossing fingers*

My fetalscope arrived and I tried to listen to baby's heartbeat the other night, but coulldn't hear a thing (I'm sure due to the eatr padding--hehe). Perhaps I'll try in another week or so.

I met a wonderful mama on a local forum who had planned an US birth with her last baby, but ended up transferring to the hospital after 3 days of labor. (Her baby was born healthy.) Anyways, she passed along all of her birthing supplies to me for FREE. What a blessing! She has children's pool she had bought to use as her birthing pool and passed it along to me! Yay!

The boys think it's funny that I'm planning to have baby in a kiddie pool, especially one with smiling fish on it. I think it definitly sets a happy tune for baby to arrive in this world in. Layla and Gideon just want me to fill it up with water, so they can swim in it NOW! It just looks fun! Gideon asked me if he could swim in the pool while I push the baby out and then asked maybe I could push it out tonight and we could swim in it together! So cute. I think he's more excited about the pool than his new baby brother/sister.

I wanted to blow the pool up to see how big it was, well.......

We blew the pool up by mouth...phew!.....because we couldn't figure out how to get the electric air pump to work. Between all our hot air and 10 hours (j/k), we did it and it is now sitting in the guest room airing out.


Angela said...

Dont you know that only crazy people deliver their babies in blow-up baby pool? ... :)

Glad you found a place to air it out!

Amber said...

That was really lovely that she passed on her things to you!

Kids are too cute...but seriously, I'd want in that pool too!