Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 16

Week 16 Prenatal Care
Weight: 281 (+8 lbs)
B/P: 132/77
Morning Sickness: I have been sick with congestion and coughing for the past week. I end up coughing so much that it gags me and I puke every morning. I really believe once I'm over the sickies that puking will have stopped. I don't get queasy during the day at all anymore. Thank you Lord! I do feel tired and need a nap in the early afternoon and try and rest daily because of it. Hubby always cooks breakfast for me every morning right after my puking! He is so awesome! He knows that I am starving right after I puke and makes my favorite: scrambled egg, sausage, on toasted pumpernickel! Yum!
Cravings: Juice, juice, juice.... and still anything vinegar! I am a bit concerned about the weight gain due to juice and also all the sugar leading to GD, so I am trying to limit it. I've never tested positive for GD, but still...
Exercise: not walking or running at this point, but would like to once it warms up
Gender guess: No idea, but I think we are not going to get anymore u/s so we wont be tempted to find out the gender. I would really like a surprise this time!
Names: So far we are loving Hosanna Joy for a girl and maybe Judah James for a boy.
Fundal Height: my uterus comes about an inch under my belly button. Measuring perfectly!
Movement: Flutters started happening early in week 14 and at 15 weeks 4 days I was sitting with the laptop on my lap, propped up on my belly by my belly button and for the first time just felt this super strong kick that literally bumped the computer! It was so shocking. It was so strong! I must have been squishing him/her. lol I loved feeling that strong kick! It was like baby was saying, "I'm here!"

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free glitter text and family website at

The Birth Pause: moments after birth.

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