Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy or Girl ???

Is baby #5 Lincoln or Toula?

Today we went to GA Medical Institute of Ultrasound and had a free sonogram done of baby. Overall, it was a nice experience and I felt welcomed from the students and staff.

Our findings....
Only one baby. I feel somewhat foolish and a whole lot relieved. I think all my focus was on worrying about twins prenatal, birthing, and APing two at the same time. I feel so calm now knowing that we are expecting one and everything looks perfect. The placenta looked healthy, and was posterior, so that was also a relief. Baby had a beautiful profile and weighed about 1lb.

As for the gender... it was very confusing. The umbilical cord was between the legs and although at first it looked like a boy to me, the lady kept saying that was just the umbilical cord and she saw three lines. How was I to argue with her, she was the proffessor of the school and had been doing this for over 22yrs. Then, when she was trying to nail down a good pic of baby's parts. She said she couldn't tell....looked like a girl, but then at the last minute, she said she thinks boy and printed a pic. DH and I were like what??? The pic she printed is NOT obvious. It doesn't even look like a p3nis or the traditional 3 lines for a girl. So, all in all we don't really know.

We're gonna go on her saying it's a boy, but I'm all confused now. Just happy to see baby move, suck his thumb, and kick. I'm going to try and post a pic of the sonogram pic, so I can get other's input.

Pic#1 She said this was Toilet shot of 'girl parts?"

Pic #2 said this was a toilet shot of "boy parts?"

Pic #3 split screen of b/g?? but which??

Pic #4 baby lying on back with legs wide open. Shows nothing between legs. Girl???

Pic #5 looking down at legs. No p3nis???

Pic #5 Split screen toilet shot of what she finally said she thought "boy."

Problem is I have three boys and one girl already and my Boys LOOKED like boys. KWIM? and my daughter was so clear too. This is just strange to me. Whatcha think?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ultrasound Debate

I am 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. It seems to fly by and I am soaking in every moment of this pregnancy. I day dream of my UC birth everyday! Playing through what will happen. I've always done this through all of my pregnancies and when birth finaly does arrive it's as if I've already gone through it. Somehow, it makes the pain less?

I haven't written in a while, but much has been going through my head and through many discussions between my husband and I. The debate has been about getting an ultrasound. We have had an ultrasound to find out the gender with our four previous babies. I have wanted to wait everytime and have had their gender been a surprise at birth, but have always been talked into by DH and family. Well, this time around I made up my mind that I WOULD wait! Lately, my husband and children have been practically begging me to find out the sex of this baby. "So we can prepare," he says. A friend of mine laughed when I told her what DH said and her response was, "Well....with four children already in the house, you have plenty of baby clothes hanging around, a sling, I know you have boobies....I'm not sure what else you need in the way of things to prepare for!!" This is so true! Part of me wants to know for sure that there is only one baby and have a looksie at the placenta (which I believe is an anterior placenta), but the other part of me says it doesn't matter.

My thoughts have been to go and take a peek, but without finding out boy/girl. My problem is that I KNOW if we go get the U/S, my DH will find out the sex. He says we would not find out if that was my wishes, but then I fear that the U/S tech would screw up and spoil the surprise too. I would be soooo dissappointed if that happened. Sometimes, I feel like I need put out the idea of "waiting for the surprise" out of my head and not go against my DH's wishes to know?

Some have suggested scheduling an appointment while DH was away, but we are always honest with each other and he would definitly be upset about not including him. Plus, I'd feel wrong trying to keep the whole thing a secret. So that's definitly out.

We have talked about seeing my old midwife and let her listen for FHT and palpate to determine one or two and that way avoid getting the u/s; however, since this is my 5th I feel pretty confident of what I feel and use a fetalscope to listen to FHT. The problem is... I very strongly believe that I have an anterior placenta with this pregnancy (due to palpating my tummy and most of all I always feel kicks very low, always on the right, and in the far back (I know sounds strange), but NEVER on the left. This is completely different than my other pregnancies where the kicks were all over the place. The anterior placenta makes it difficult to get a good palpation of one or two babies (Always definitly feel a baby on the right very clearly.) and due to the previous babies my abdomonal thickness (and a tilted uterus?) makes it nearly impossible to hear good FHT until 6m+ (which I'm almost there.) We (my midwife and I) delt with the difficultly of finding steady and good FHT with my prior two pregnancies (homebirths). So, I don't believe going to see her would really help. Plus, Billy wants to know b/g, not just one/two.

Billy and I talked last night and finaly I decided to stop focusing on feeling like something was going to be ruined and just enjoy seeing the bab(ies). We decided to go get a free u/s at the Institute of Medical Ultrasound this Wednesday. They take a very intricate look at the baby and all of its' parts, but they do not offer the sex. Although, I'm sure I'll know by looking ( I do have three boys and they definitly looked different than my dd). I'm hoping that baby will be shy and the surprise will remain, but at least we'll have peace about the possibility of twins. I'd also like to see if I'm right about the anterior placenta, too. My husband and sons are very excited now that I've given in. I feel a bit dissappointed (and I'm sure if we find out the sex Wed. I'll be even more dissappointed for not waiting), but all that truely matters is that this is a healthy pregnancy and baby is growing (and my husband is happy!).

As of now, everyone's guess is.....
Daddy~boy (decided last night)
Nolan~both (a boy and girl)
Gideon~both (one of each? He also says I'm having sextuplets.LOL)
Layla~ girl

Would love to know your guess.