Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ongoing list of what I need for baby.

This our 5th baby and truthfully I have nothing (almost nothing). I tend to give my baby things away to ppl who need it instead of storing it, then I never get it back. Hehe. Oh well.

This will be an on-going list of things I need to buy before the baby gets here.

I have already a ...

dresser for baby with changing pad on top.
a few infant girl clothes
rocking chair
5 small girly LHC CDs (again if it's a girl)
cream bamboo sling (wonderful! I made and used with last dd)
my bed ...we cosleep
my jucuzzi bath tub for the birth

So far my list to buy mostly off craigslist, consignment store, or thrift store is...

birthing kit .....most all for FREE, just a few more things to get
white cotton t-shirts ( TGness it'll be July!) ...bought all from thrift store for .20/each and embellished to match my recycled wool shorties I made for baby!
hats and socks ....have hats. Need socks? Can't decide?
a few light weight blankets
Unbleached Indian prefolds .... bought 28 pre-folds and 4 snappies!
snappies ...yep!
sew about 10 covers ......finished 6 recycled wool soakers and 5 fleece wraps
baby swing (never had one w/ my other babies, but think I'd like one this time---good while HSing the boys)..............My friend Angela has one that I can have, but gotta fix the motor.
I'm planning to sew a new LaylaBunz diaperbag for myself.
Britax Marathon for the new baby...........Thanks Angela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I plan to buy clothes after the baby arrives, so everything isn't yellow. (gag)

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Angela said...

I cant wait to sew some covers with you!! I'll keep my eyes open for diapers, let me know if you think infants or premies would be best for the very beginning!