Thursday, January 1, 2009

12 wks, waterbirths, freebirths, and twins?

Well, all the holiday craziness is over for a while and I can breathe now. Phew! I am 12 weeks 1 day today. Been feeling extremely exhausted, and nausea has set in a bit. I've only thrown up a hand full of times, but believe me that is enough! The boys have been so compasionate during my moment of pukiness. Offering a washcloth to wipe my face and asking if I'm ok. So sweet.

My kitchen smells to me. (I mean I want to puke everytime I enter it.) No one else can smell it, so it must be my imagination. Regardless, Billy and the boys have been more than helpful. Billy has cooked dinner numerous times and the boys have done a decent share of dishes. I am so thankful!

So, I've been having dreams at night that I'm having twins. I have to admit that twins has been in the back of both Billy's and my head because I am showing so early and have gained (gulp) 14lbs. (hide) in 6wks! It has been very uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach for the last few weeks and my fatigue is ridiculous! We've contemplated an ultrasound to confirm our theory or calm our thoughts, but at this point have decided to wait a bit longer. I really am not fond of u/s and would rather not have one. I feel like twins will become obvious eventually over the next few weeks as begin to get bigger. Truthfully, I'm hoping just one because I don't know how to AP to twins. How would I sling them at the same time, cosleep with them + Layla? OMGoodness. I try not to fall into the fear and I trust that God will give us what we can handle, so it is in His hands.

I've been watching boocoos of unassisted births on .It's become my obsession. Here is one of my favorite unassisted births. Wll it wouldn't let me copy/paste the video, but has a ton of UC or freebirth videos and my faorite is the 2nd one down.
I came across some waterbirth info the other day and although I have never been drawn towards waterbirth in my last pregnancies, I've been pulled towards reading all that I can about waterbirths and am almost positive we will plan a water birth with this baby.

Watch this amazing waterbirth video done for research. It shows that babies do not breath until there face hits air. They recieve O2 through the umbilical cord till then.

Gideon saw me looking at birthing pools and got so excited that we were gonna get a pool. I explained that mama was thinking about having the baby in it. I showed him the video above and he says, "I know, we could go to Ray's Splash Planet and you could have the baby there. They have a b~i~g pool!" It was so cute. RSP is an indoor water park and we just went there a few weeks ago. He loved it, so I guess it makes since to go there for the water birth to him.

Birthing pools tend to run on the expensive side, so we are planning on a nice kiddie pool (shown in the pic).

Billy and I have been talking almost everynight about this birth. He was hessitant about the H2Obirth until I showed him the video above and showed him all of the wonderful things it can do for a laboring mama. Now, he's ok with it. Her's a link about how laboring and birthing in th water can be beneficial.
Since this baby will be born in July and it'll be warm out, I'm thinking about putting the birthing pool outside. We live in the country and our neighbors are old and 2 acres away. So, privacy is perfect. We could set up the birthingpool right outside the back door and clean up would be a sinch. I think it would be amazing to birth under the starry sky. Just God, my husband, and I. Of coarse everyone who hears or reads of this will probably think we are weird hippy coooks, but who cares. It's my birth.


Angela said...

Sounds dreamy :) My "birthing pool" was $24.99 at Target, they're probably getting ready to bring all that stuff out actually!!

Hope your fatigue ends soon!

Amber said...

Under the starry skies of a warm summer...not weird at all! Beautiful.

I've been following along on your UC blog, I look forward to reading more and learning from you and other mothers. I'm a doula, longing for our UC :D

Keep posting please. Please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing so much about your preparations--I hope to conceive our first child next month and have a "husband-wife" childbirth 9 months later! :) Your details are super helpful, and I don't think you're one bit crazy to dream of birthing under the stars! If we lived in the country, I think I'd hope for it too!