Friday, December 5, 2008

Pre-Natal Records Week 6

Pre-natal Record Week 6:
Pre-pregnancy weight: 269 lbs.
BP/ pulse: 138/62 (stopped off at CVS)
Brand Prenatal Vitamins: Vita Natal

Began taking PreNatals, Omega 3-6-9, and Pregnancy Tea on a daily basis begining 10 days ago. Yay! Haven't missed one day! Can't believe it. Rylan, my oldest, has been so sweet. He reminds me, pours me OJ and brings me them every morning. The Omega 3-6-9 is for fetal brain development and the red-rasberry is suppose to help with strengthening the uterus for a quicker delivery. At night I've enjoyed a cup of Red-Rasberry pregnancy tea once the kiddos are asleep. I have taken this with every pregnancy and believe it works! Read this

Drinking a whole lot of H20. I can't seem to get enough lemon in my water. Just the thought of lemon makes me have to have it. Gone to get some lemon for my water. ; )
All this H2O has made my urine a healthy light yellow and that's what I want!

No morning sickness yet or heartburn,ect... just extremely tired after I eat and a few weird cravings~~So far green peppers, lemons, and fruit, fruit, fruit!

I plan to order my urinalysis strips on Wednesday from . One vial should last all 36wks. Between now and then I'll be reading up on all that the urinalysis strips test and how to read the test.

I'm also looking into the cost of a fetalscope. Ok just checked and it'l cost me about $20, but I won't need that til about 20 wks+, so i'll hold off on that for a while.

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