Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is an Unassisted Birth?

Also known as UC, freebirth, earth birth, unhindered birth, DIY childbirth, etc...,

When it comes down to it really, birth is just birth. Birth is not hospital managed birth. Birth is not assisted birth. Birth is just the process of a woman birthing her baby. This kind of childbirth does not have someone acting as a care provider, OB or midwife. There is no one present to direct how labour or birth goes for the birthing woman other than the woman herself. There is no need for procedures like timing contractions, checking dilation, checking the heart rate of the baby or the labouring woman and so on. Birth becomes simple. The woman simply labours and gives birth in whatever ways that she feels like, trusting and knowing her body, her baby and the safety of an unhindered birth.

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