Saturday, May 8, 2010

Figuring out your pregnant the old fashioned way....

I haven't written on here since my last unassisted birth in Aug of '09, but I guess recently I've had a reason to resume my blogging.

Well, in a nutshell I think I could be pregnant! Billy and I are both just giddy with anticipation!

My last AF was April 6th. My cycles tend to range from 28 days to 45 days with an average being a 32 day cycle.

So, my earliest missed period could have been as early as May 5th or as late as May 19th.

And considering hubby and I were very active during this past month....I'm guessing I have a strong chance of being pregnant.

I was talking to my friend, Angela, the today about when to actually take a pregnancy test and through the conversation we got back to the question of "What did women do prior to pregnancy tests?" I mean how did they decide that they were definitely "with child?"

In this technologically advanced, immediate gratification day in age it would be ludicrous to choose NOT to POAS (Pee On A Stick---aka take a pregnancy test) to determine if one was for sure pregnant.

However, what if I chose to not POAS?
What if I just waited and listed to my body to tell me that I was carrying life?

After 5 pregnancies and births, I have some idea behind how my body reacts to pregnancy.

First, at around 5-6 weeks I usually begin feeling bloated and extremely exhausted.
Then , around 10-14 weeks the morning sickness arrives.
And Around 20 weeks I feel definite regular movement.

So, what if I just wait and testing to confirm. Just wait and see if symptoms arise that conclude, "Yep, I'm pregnant?!"

My cat is presently hugely pregnant. About 6 weeks ago Billy and I were awakened to loud meowing....Um.... er...... looking out our bedroom window we saw our little kitten being very promiscuous.

We agreed that the outcome of that event would most likely be that our little kitty would be a mommy. Now, I did not confirm our theory by having my cat POAS, so I could be totally wrong and she has some sort of horrible tumor growing in her belly. However, most likely I'm correct and nature took it's course and she'll be pushing out some cute baby kitties in the near future.

My point of this story is not because I wanted to inform you all of my cat's fertility, but to make ya think....... a cat's one-night-stand doesn't need a test to confirm a pregnancy. We just trust and assume. However, as humans we can't just allow nature to take it's course and confirm our pregnancy by listening to our body and waiting.

We NEED to know and usually know as early as possible.

I think this time around I am going to do........................... NOTHING. No test, no strips, no Dr.'s blood test for insurance reasons....just wait and listen to what my body is saying.

I know the date of my last period, so concluding that my cycle does not come again and my body does tell me it's pregnant, then I will estimate my due date to be.......the month of January 2011.

No actual edd is really necessary. I know baby will come when it is the right time. I'm actually thinking that it'll be nice to not have a deadline because that way people won't be calling and repeated ly asking, " Arn't you worried your late. What if something is wrong?" etc... When baby is ready. Baby will come.

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Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Even though I'm all for letting your body tell you, I cant wait to know! We are excited for you and Billy!