Saturday, July 18, 2009

Going past my due date

I'm 40w and 3d and I woke up this morning throwing up............ which led to crying.................. which led to staring in the mirror and wondering if I am the first pregnant woman in the world that will NEVER go into labor and I will be pregnant f~o~r~e~v~e~r. lol. I know that's not true, but every morning I wake up thinking it.

DH suggested we go hiking this morning and try ang encourage baby to come. It's a beautiful day and against my lazy will he got me dressed and out of the house.

The hike was fantastic nature trail not far from the house. We saw 6 deer while walking up and down the trail. The kids loved it and I have to say I enjoyed it too. At one point I wanted to quit, but Billy said I was gonna keep walking until I had this baby. He's a riot. I pretty much lagged behind the entire time trying to walk my pregnant whale of a tail up the inclines and not trip or slide when coming back down, but it was perfect.

We just got back a couple hours ago. Billy prepared lunch. I took a relaxing bath, and then fell asleep for a 2 hour nap dreaming of birthing! What a day!
So far, all the walk has induced is inner thigh sorness. lol. No contraxtions or labor, but I do feel rejuvinated and happy.
DH says he's going to make me a blue cohosh sandwich tonight to make sure I go into labor. haha. We used blue cohosh to send me into labor with last dd after we were 14d past my EDD. I'm trying to wait and hold off on any herbal remedies. I'd like to let my body go on its own.
Here's hoping to waking up to a newborn baby!

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Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Here's hoping with you :) The 22nd isnt so far away, hopefully your feeling was right!!