Friday, May 29, 2009


Seriously, this baby must have hit a growth spurt! For the last few evenings, I've had dinner, not even an hour later I'm wolfing down a sandwich, and about 2am I'm devouring something from my kitchen! What is going on? I usually just eat dinner around 6:30ish and I'm good till breakfast.

Last night I had pineapple chicken w rice and about 45min later I felt like I hadn't eaten dinner at all, so Billy made me a sandwich! Then, my growling stomach and hunger pains woke me up at 2am and I ate a GIGANTIC bowl of cereal. I mean like a mixing bowl of cereal and apparently I was enjoying it a bit too much that my gobbling and moaning woke up my hubby ( I was eating on the side of the bed.)lol. He was like, "Are you ok? What are you doing?" hehe

I also feel like I'm constantly thirst and I can't get enough water. Water is all I drink (sometimes Gatorade) and I drink so much I'm sloshing, but my mouth is still thirsty??


Henny said...

if you try getting more salts (sea salts is very healthy!) it can help with the thirsty feeling. a lot of times our electrolyte balance gets off during pregnancy and it makes us constantly feel thirsty but the more we drink water the thirstier we get. if I'm out and about and can't get any good salt i drink smart water (electrolyte water) and it helps. I used ot eat something salty with water and it would help a lot. I just stayed away from thigns like sodium nitrate and table salts and it doesn't work the same.

Henny said...

sorry that was full of typos. I still have newborn-brain over here. heh. I'm way sleep deprived!

Amber said...

That was really cute!

Hope you find something that sticks to your ribs and quenches your thirst!