Friday, November 7, 2014

Week 10 Prenatal Care

7 week ultrasound- tiny, perfect heartbeat!
Week 10 Prenatal Care
Starting weight: 274
Morning Sickness: Morning sickness hit around week 7 and became overwhelming in week 8 and 9 to the point the motion, light, smells, etc.. made me feel incapacitated, but by this week (week 10) it let up some and I feel like I can function better. I'm still puking every morning, but am able to eat and function afterwards.  I am usually starving at 2-3 am and find myself waking multiple times a night to pee. Oh the joys of pregnancy! 
Cravings: soda water, anything vinegar- especially Scalini's salad YUM!  
Exercise: hoping to walk/run again when morning sickness calms down.
Gender guess: I really have no idea. I think we are going to wait to find out the gender, but then again we always say that and then end up caving. lol. 
Names: I love the name Penelope for a girl and Judah for a boy, but no middle names decided yet. 

To watch a video of baby's heartbeat beating at 7 weeks click the link. Heartbeat - week 7

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