Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy or Girl ???

Is baby #5 Lincoln or Toula?

Today we went to GA Medical Institute of Ultrasound and had a free sonogram done of baby. Overall, it was a nice experience and I felt welcomed from the students and staff.

Our findings....
Only one baby. I feel somewhat foolish and a whole lot relieved. I think all my focus was on worrying about twins prenatal, birthing, and APing two at the same time. I feel so calm now knowing that we are expecting one and everything looks perfect. The placenta looked healthy, and was posterior, so that was also a relief. Baby had a beautiful profile and weighed about 1lb.

As for the gender... it was very confusing. The umbilical cord was between the legs and although at first it looked like a boy to me, the lady kept saying that was just the umbilical cord and she saw three lines. How was I to argue with her, she was the proffessor of the school and had been doing this for over 22yrs. Then, when she was trying to nail down a good pic of baby's parts. She said she couldn't tell....looked like a girl, but then at the last minute, she said she thinks boy and printed a pic. DH and I were like what??? The pic she printed is NOT obvious. It doesn't even look like a p3nis or the traditional 3 lines for a girl. So, all in all we don't really know.

We're gonna go on her saying it's a boy, but I'm all confused now. Just happy to see baby move, suck his thumb, and kick. I'm going to try and post a pic of the sonogram pic, so I can get other's input.

Pic#1 She said this was Toilet shot of 'girl parts?"

Pic #2 said this was a toilet shot of "boy parts?"

Pic #3 split screen of b/g?? but which??

Pic #4 baby lying on back with legs wide open. Shows nothing between legs. Girl???

Pic #5 looking down at legs. No p3nis???

Pic #5 Split screen toilet shot of what she finally said she thought "boy."

Problem is I have three boys and one girl already and my Boys LOOKED like boys. KWIM? and my daughter was so clear too. This is just strange to me. Whatcha think?


NoelleNichelle & Her Crazy Tales said...

IDK,on one of the pics it kinda looks like a turtle (boy).Will make the delivery extra exciting.

Kathy said...

Just lurking here from DS. While it's definitely unusal that in some pictures it's not visible, the turtle shot ones, definitely look like a boy. I have 6 sons and 3 daughters, and that little pee pee sticking out in those photos is what we've always seen for our boys. But I guess anything is possible. Maybe it's somehow the cord or something getting in the way sometimes. I guess you're in for a surprise:-)

Kristi said...

Hi! I'm also having an unassisted birth & pregnancy. During my last pregnancy I didn't have an ultrasound, but something keeps nagging at me to have one this time. Do you mind sharing how you were able to make a appointment at the GA MIU? I Googled their website but I didn't see anything there about getting free ultrasounds (without a doctor's order, I hope?) Thank you so much!

PS- I vote boy.

Anonymous said...

It was very easy. Just call the # on the site and ask when there free u/s days are (they change every semester), then you just show up. No appt. necessary. We went around 11am and were the only ones there. It is totally free and the lady gave us like 20 pics! They do ask you for a dr. name or midwife name and #, but tell you that it's just for paperwork and do not call. We put down a pretend name and number just to not get into the whole UC issue. They were all very nice; however because it is for learning purposes (for students) it is a prolonged exposure (about 30-45min), but you do get to see all the baby's parts (stomach, liver, placenta etc.... Hope that helps and good luck on your planned UC! Where are you in GA? We're in Canton.